“Called by God to live in loving, just, and respectful relationship with each other, our neighbours, and the earth.”

On Monday June 7, the Province of Ontario announced we will enter Phase 1 of their Re-Opening Plan on Friday, June 11th.  This has two major implications for TSA.

Firstly, Phase 1 allows for non-essential retail to open. This means the TSA Thrift Shop is able to re-open starting this Saturday, June 12 from 10-2. Going forward they will be open their usual hours on Thursdays as well. Donations will be accepted starting on Saturday.  

The second major implication comes as a complete surprise. In person worship was supposed to be part of Phase 2, but has been included in Phase 1. We are allowed 15% of capacity. Our sanctuary holds 450 people, so 15% is 68. Masking and social distancing protocols are still in effect. So we will be holding live, in person worship starting this Sunday, June 13 at 10am. The services will continue to be offered on our Facebook Live Stream as well. We look forward to seeing you in church this Sunday! 

Phase 1 also allows for our Church Office to re-open. Our regular office hours are Monday – Thursday 9-2pm. 

Because of the pandemic we are not able to hold our traditional chicken barbecue. In its place for this summer, TSA is holding the “Frew Fish Fry” on Friday, July 9 from 3-7pm. The menu is New Zealand Cod & French Fries, Coleslaw and Cookies. Cost is $10 for a meal with one piece of fish, and $15 for a two piece meal. You are asked to pre-order your tickets. Please call Jane DeSnaijer at 613- 796-2912. You can pay for your meal by e-transfer or by cash. The poster for the event is posted in our “News” section.  If you are able to volunteer to help make this day a success, please contact Barb Symington at 613-432-5300 – we are looking for volunteers for food preparation on Thursday, and for the fish fry on Friday.  Please register for your meal early and let your friends know!      

With thanks, Rev. James Murray

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“Sermons by Phone”: TSA is pleased to offer a new way for you to connect with us by telephone. We recognize not everyone has access to a computer, so we have partnered with a new company called Sermons By Phone to offer our weekly worship service to you by telephone.

Each week, after our broadcasted service, we will upload a recording of our worship service to 1-613-963-0061. This is a long distance number based in Ottawa. Simply dial in and you can hear the recording of the whole service, from the first notes of the Prelude to the sermon all the way to the final chords of the Postlude.

Please feel free to share this number with anyone who might benefit from it. And please let us know if you have found this to be a helpful option to connect.

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Contact Information:  Office: telephone: 613-432- 2285, or by email at office@tsarenfrew.ca.  Rev. Murray’s phone number is 613-728-7410. His email is james@tsarenfrew.ca.

If you want to know more about our community of faith please feel free to contact us.