“Called by God to live in loving, just, and respectful relationship with each other, our neighbours, and the earth.”

Realm Communication – October 22, 2022

Update from TSA Council

TSA Council met in-person on Tuesday October 18, our regular monthly meeting.  Items to share:

Good News!!  Linda & Andy Boldt won the “President’s Award” Thursday night at the Renfrew and Area Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Fall Celebration for their initiative and energy to start the TSA Thrift Shop seven years ago and their continued support and leadership for this important community resource!! This award winner is chosen by the Chamber President to recognize an individual or group that has had a positive influence on our community through a personal and/or business contribution.

Finances – 2022 September financial statements were reviewed. The trend continued with Congregational givings down. Thrift Shop Q3 proceeds had not yet been confirmed and input. The Finance Committee has prepared a Q3 financial update to go in this week’s bulletin. The Food Bank has paid off its mortgage with TSA. Council reviewed the draft 2023 budget which will be finalized by the Finance Committee for approval by Council at their November meeting.

Property office carpet cleaned, outdoor electrical outlet installed, lights replaced in Stewart Hall.  Purchase and installation of a video system to assist the office in knowing when people are in the building was approved. Installation of an additional railing on the stairs leading up to the pulpit for the safety of people going up to make announcements and read scripture was approved.

Affirming Committee – we are working to re-establish our “Affirming Committee”. The purpose of the Committee is to help TSA live into being an Affirming Ministry within the United Church of Canada. If you have an interest in participating in this important committee or have questions about what it does please call the office.

New Ministry – TSA is looking to implement a “Rainbow Worship Service” to create a spiritual safe-haven for LGBTQ2+ and allies, to worship God and to feel welcome and accepted. Creating and accommodating an LGBTQ2+ monthly worship service would create a place of healing and spiritual hope for the local Ottawa Valley LGBTQ2+ Christian community and allies. This would be the first of its kind in Renfrew County. Plans are being developed for implementation early in the new year.

Thrift Shop Volunteer Appreciation Night – was a huge success. About 45 volunteers attended and enjoyed musical entertainment, refreshments and door prizes.

Care Home Services – have resumed with some cancellations if covid risk is a concern.

Share the Harvest – in partnership with St. James Lutherans raised about $1000 for the Renfrew Food Bank. Thanks to all.

Upcoming Events:

Foodgrains Concert – Sunday, November 13 (note change) at 2pm in the TSA Sanctuary. Plan to attend for a musical afternoon! Freewill giving to go to the Foodgrains Bank.

Treats and Treasures – Saturday, November 26 (treasures) & December 3 (treats). Our very popular UCW event. Volunteer to help set up, bake, make candy, make turkey dinners and then attend!!

Endowment Fund – some time ago we were advised of the September 2019 death of Mary Elizabeth Plaunt and that she bequeathed the bulk of her estate to Trinity-St. Andrews. Her wishes were to be buried in the Plaunt Plot at the Thompson Hill Cemetery. For many reasons this has not happened yet, but will. We have now received an interim distribution of $250k which the Trustees are investing. Council is working to find out more about Mary Plaunt to ensure that her final wishes are respected.

Volunteers – if you want to get involved… Thrift Shop, Mats from milk bags, Choir, fundraisers, something else… and have questions about activities or want to put your name in, contact Debbie in the office.

Our next Council meeting will be November 22 (not 15th). If you have a concern, thought or suggestion for Council … call the office and leave a message. Office number (613) 432-2285.

Judy Ryan for TSA Council                        With thanks, Rev. James Murray


“Sermons by Phone”: TSA is pleased to offer a new way for you to connect with us by telephone. We recognize not everyone has access to a computer, so we have partnered with a new company called Sermons By Phone to offer our weekly worship service to you by telephone. Each week, after our broadcasted service, we will upload a recording of our worship service to 1-613-963-0061. This is a long distance number based in Ottawa. Simply dial in and you can hear the recording of the whole service, from the first notes of the Prelude to the sermon all the way to the final chords of the Postlude.

Please feel free to share this number with anyone who might benefit from it. And please let us know if you have found this to be a helpful option to connect.

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Contact Information:  Office: telephone: 613-432- 2285, or by email at office@tsarenfrew.ca.  Rev. Murray’s phone number is 613-728-7410. His email is james@tsarenfrew.ca.

If you want to know more about our community of faith please feel free to contact us.