“Called by God to live in loving, just, and respectful relationship with each other, our neighbours, and the earth.”

Realm Message, April 12, 2021
Congregational Annual Meeting, Sunday, April 18 11am
Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church Annual Congregational Meeting – Sunday, April 18 at 11:00am

Due to the current stay at home order in Ontario, we are not able to hold an in person Annual Meeting this year. Instead our meeting will be held online using Cisco’s Webex teleconferencing system. If you have not used it before, you will need to download the free Webex app for your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Webex does allow for people to connect via telephone, but the contact number is in Toronto and long distance charges will apply.

If you wish to receive an invite to the meeting, please contact the church office or Rev. Murray.  Please contact the church office if you would like a copy of the Annual Report emailed to you, or to arrange a time that you can pick it up from the office.

With thanks,
Rev. James Murray

April 1, 2021 – Provincial Lockdown
Ontario Government has announced a province-wide “emergency brake” shutdown for the next four weeks. The TSA Council met shortly afterwards to discuss our response to these new restrictions. With the contagious nature of the new variants, and the fact only some people have been vaccinated, we were faced with several decisions and in each case the safety of our congregation and staff was our first priority. These measures will be in place until the government or the local Health Unit tells us otherwise.

1. Starting on Easter Sunday, April 4th, our worship will only be online on our Facebook page.
2. A recording of each service will be available on our Sermon By Phone line.
3. A mail out of the sermon and order of service is sent out each week to those who request it.
4. The Church Office will be closed to the public. Debbie McDermid will be working in the office and can be reached by phone or email.
5. To protect both the customers and volunteers, the Thrift Shop will be closed and donations will not be accepted.
6. Rentals by all outside groups or individuals that are considered non-essential will be suspended.
7. All Church committee meetings will be held by teleconference.
8. The TSA congregational meeting on April 18th will be held by teleconference.
9. Maintenance and repair work on the building can continue during the lockdown. Our custodian Merv Kusluski and the Property Committee will have lots to keep them busy. Since this is a quickly developing situation, there will be more details to come in the days ahead. Tonight’s Maundy Thursday service is available at 7pm on our Facebook page. The Good Friday service is at 10am and it is a live service on our Facebook page.We ask for your prayers for our staff and leadership team as we pivot once again into uncharted territory. May God give us all patience and endurance for the facing of these difficult days.
Signed Judy Ryan, Chair of TSA Council Rev. James Murray, Minister

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“Sermons by Phone”: TSA is pleased to offer a new way for you to connect with us by telephone. We recognize not everyone has access to a computer, so we have partnered with a new company called Sermons By Phone to offer our weekly worship service to you by telephone.

Each week, after our broadcasted service, we will upload a recording of our worship service to 1-613-963-0061. This is a long distance number based in Ottawa. Simply dial in and you can hear the recording of the whole service, from the first notes of the Prelude to the sermon all the way to the final chords of the Postlude.

Please feel free to share this number with anyone who might benefit from it. And please let us know if you have found this to be a helpful option to connect.

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Contact Information:  Office: telephone: 613-432- 2285, or by email at office@tsarenfrew.ca.  Rev. Murray’s phone number is 613-728-7410. His email is james@tsarenfrew.ca.

If you want to know more about our community of faith please feel free to contact us.