“Called by God to live in loving, just, and respectful relationship with each other, our neighbours, and the earth.”

Update from Church Council, Tuesday, July 19, 2022 

Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church, Goals for 2022

Council has prepared three goals by which the TSA community can maintain a focus on our Statement of Purpose. These goals will be used as a measurable guide to assist in our life journey with Christ. TSA is a welcoming, energetic community which provides fellowship, outreach and partnerships locally, regionally and internationally. As we, collectively, go about the life and work of the church, the people, their gifts and accomplishments will be highlighted and celebrated through continuing communication.

Each goal will list the necessary resources and actions for achievement with a communication timeline to keep you informed of progress. 

This Realm provides our goals for your review. We will communicate these again in September and seek your input on specific actions to help us meet these goals. Many actions are already in place at TSA and our goals will provide focus as we move forward.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: As a community of faith led by the Spirit, we welcome all to worship God and live in loving, just and respectful relationship with each other, our neighbours and the earth.  Inspired by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ we strive to recognize the light of God in each person regardless of age, race, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, economic status or any other category by which the world may seek to divide. We challenge ourselves to deepen our relationship to God, to see the light of the divine in each person and in all creation, and to live the faith we proclaim in every aspect of our lives. We will live into this statement by encouraging all who make TSA their faith home to participate in all aspects of the life and work of this community of faith. TSA is a place where the gifts of all people are celebrated. (2018)

Goal #1: Spirituality: “As a community of faith led by the Spirit”, a variety of resources and methods of access will be available to meet the spiritual needs and requirements of the congregation.

Commitment accomplishment for each initiative will be communicated at least twice per year.

Goal #2: Outreach and Partnerships: “We challenge ourselves to deepen our relationship to God, to see the light of the divine in each person and in all creation.” Local, regional, national and international needs, including both social justice and climatic justice will be supported through: TSA Thrift Shop; Mission and Service; Camp Lau-Ren; Mat Group; Newcomers; Community Dinners; partnerships within the community (i.e., other denominations, LGBTQ Community, First Nations Community) and participation in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Commitment accomplishment for each initiative will be communicated at least twice per year.

Goal #3: Resources: Resource utilization to achieve Goals #1 and #2 will be monitored. Financial resources will continue to be monitored by the Finance and Stewardship Committee, Council and Trustees.

Results and any concerns will be and communicated at least twice per year to ensure the needs of the congregation are being met.

With thanks, Rev. James Murray

Summer Worship in Stewart Hall:  We will be worshipping in air conditioned comfort in Stewart Hall for the remainder of the summer while Rev. Murray will be on vacation.  On August 14 & 21 David Clemis will be leading the worship. On August 28 Jeannie Taylor-Page will be leading the service. Rev. Murray will return from vacation on August 29 and will lead worship on Labour Day Sunday, September 4th.

“Sermons by Phone”: TSA is pleased to offer a new way for you to connect with us by telephone. We recognize not everyone has access to a computer, so we have partnered with a new company called Sermons By Phone to offer our weekly worship service to you by telephone. Each week, after our broadcasted service, we will upload a recording of our worship service to 1-613-963-0061. This is a long distance number based in Ottawa. Simply dial in and you can hear the recording of the whole service, from the first notes of the Prelude to the sermon all the way to the final chords of the Postlude.

Please feel free to share this number with anyone who might benefit from it. And please let us know if you have found this to be a helpful option to connect.

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Contact Information:  Office: telephone: 613-432- 2285, or by email at office@tsarenfrew.ca.  Rev. Murray’s phone number is 613-728-7410. His email is james@tsarenfrew.ca.

If you want to know more about our community of faith please feel free to contact us.