Reopening Protocols for Sunday September 6, 2020

Sunday Worship Service:            Opening date: Sunday September 6, 2020

Time:   Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Worship begins at 10:00 a.m.

Doors:  The only door that will be open is the Plaunt Street entrance. 6-foot markers will be placed on the sidewalk in case a line develops at the door.

Screening: Each Sunday, every person entering the church building must be screened. Pre-screening forms (TSA Screening Questions) are available and families are encouraged to fill them out and bring the completed forms to hand to the Screener each Sunday upon entering the building. Those who are unable to use the Pre-screening forms will be screened at the door by the Screener. Those who are unable to pass the screening process will not be allowed to enter the building. You will be required to give your name and phone number to the screener, as we must keep a list of who has attended. This list will only be shared with Public Health Authorities if needed for contact tracing if someone is exposed to Covid-19.

Masks: Masks are mandatory. If you do not have one, one will be provided to you. Note that those leading worship are not required to wear masks while leading worship because they will be at least 4m from the front rows.

Seating: When entering the Sanctuary, everyone is asked to move directly to the seat shown to them by the usher and not linger in the aisles. Ministry guidelines limit the seating to 30% of normal capacity. Every third row will be used to maintain the required 2m distancing and seats will be marked to show distancing.  Once seated, please do not move to another seat. Sanctuary capacity to maintain physical distancing is 60 to 80 depending on the numbers of single persons/family units. Chapel capacity is about 25.

Children: Children must remain with the people who brought them. We are not allowed at this time to offer nursery or children’s programs. We encourage you to bring your own toys/crayons etc.

Singing: Public Health guidelines discourage congregational singing. Music will still be part of our worship service but it will be presented differently. There will be no congregational singing. Hymn books have been removed from the pews.

Communion: Communion will not take place during the first stage of re-opening. Rev. Murray is very willing to schedule an appointment if you would like to receive communion either individually or as a family.

Offering: The offering plates will not be passed. Offering plates will be available near the doors for anyone who wishes to use them. We encourage you to use PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittances) as a safe alternative.

Bulletins: Since our space is not conducive to using video projection, we will be using single use paper bulletins each week. A blue box is provided in the narthex to gather used bulletins for recycling.

Leaving: At the close of worship, everyone is asked to leave the sanctuary immediately in an orderly fashion from back to front. An usher will guide the leaving process. You can leave by any of the Plaunt Street, Quarry Street or parking lot doors. Do not linger in the aisles or in the building as this might obstruct others from leaving while maintaining social distancing. We are not allowed to serve food or beverages so we will not be having fellowship in the chapel after worship. According to provincial guidelines, groups of 50 (Stage 3, July 17) can gather outside if social distancing is maintained both within groups and between groups.

After worship: Washrooms, doors and pews will be sanitized after each service.

Live streaming of the service: We will continue to live stream the Sunday service on our Facebook page. Everyone must make their own decision about whether or not they are ready to attend in person. Those who are in high risk groups may want to consider delaying their return until a later stage.

This will be a new experience of worship for all of us. No doubt, we will discover ways in which to improve along the way and will have to adjust our processes and practices. As government regulations and public health guidelines change, we will make every effort to conform to these developments.