COVID-19 Information

On Tuesday, the Ontario government ordered that all non-essential services and businesses must close. Churches are among those ordered to close. On Wednesday afternoon the Executive Secretary of the United Church ordered that all United Churches in Ontario be closed immediately. As of today, Thursday March 26, we ask that no one enter the TSA building without authorization. Our Church Secretary will be working from home where she will be checking emails and phone messages.

You can still send your offering envelopes to the church through Canada Post or drop it in the mailbox outside the front doors.  The locked mailbox outside is for incoming mail, and is being checked regularly.

To send your offering via e-transfer, please email the transfer to the office address, at, and provide a separate email with the answer for the security question.  The funds will be accepted by the office and deposited.

If you wish to enroll into our PAR program (Pre-Authorized Remittance), please advise the office and we will provide you with the application, or you may access via the following link:

PAR Authorization