Happy New Year!

I love the year end pieces that appear in the papers this time of year; the best of’s. I have lapped up the articles about the best movies, highest paid celebrities, top news stories, etc. But one year end analysis…
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White Privilege

I’ve been aware of the term, “white privilege” for quite some time. I understand it and accept that by fluke of birth I have considerable power in our society. As various movements have come to the fore such “Black Lives…
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Radical Gratitude

I have been reading Mary Jo Leddy’s book, “Radical Gratitude”. Diana Butler Bass recommended it during her talk in Peterborough a few weeks back. Mary Jo Leddy is a Canadian Roman Catholic Sister who has taught at Regis College and…
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Discernment is one of those churchy, religious words we use that people outside the church think we made up to make something simple seem harder than it actually is. They hear ‘discernment’ and think simply ‘a decision’. But the idea…
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