October 18 readalong service

Trinity St. Andrew’s United Church
Order of Worship
Sunday October 18 – 20th After Pentecost
World Food Sunday


Welcome and Announcements
Candle Lighting

Introit                     All Is Done for the Glory                              MV 34

Call to Worship
Prayer of Approach

Music                   Let My Spirit Always Sing                          MV 83

Scripture Reader:         Chuck Ross
1st Thessalonians 1: 1-10
Matthew 22: 15-22

Special Music

Sermon      “A Labour of Love”

Musical Reflection


Blessing of the offering and our gifts
Prayers of Thanksgiving and Hope, and Lord’s Prayer

Sending Forth

Hymn              How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds    VU 344

Thank you for joining us in worship today.  If you are not taking your bulletin home, please place it in the recycle bin at the sanctuary door.


Our Week at a Glance – October 18, 2020

The flowers today are a Thanksgiving decoration created by Judi Brisco.

THIS WEEK AT TSA:         Mon. Oct. 19           Thrift Shop sorting & donations, 9-2
Tea & Talent – Turkey dinners, kitchen, 9-5
Tues. Oct. 20           Tea & Talent – Turkey dinners, kitchen, 9-5
Council – SMS, 4:00
Wed. Oct. 21           Tea & Talent – Turkey Dinners, kitchen, 9-5 (if required)
Thrift Shop sorting & donations, 9-2
Bible Study – 11am
Mat Group – Stewart Hall, 1:30
Thurs. Oct. 22         Thrift Shop Open, 12-6
Sat. Oct 24              Thrift Shop Bag Sale – Stewart Hall, 11-2

Thank You:  Thank you to Barb Symington and Marilyn Lloyd for assisting with office replacement while Debbie was away on vacation.

Thrift Shop Bag Sale:  The Thrift Shop is holding a Clothing Bag Sale, on Saturday October 24 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Stewart Hall.  Quarry St. Entrance as always. Customers can purchase medium bags for $2.00 or large bags for $5.00.  Please note the Thrift Shop will not be open during this time.

Bible Study:  Join us for Bible Study on Wednesdays from 11-12. We are studying Paul’s letter to the Romans this fall. We will be holding the Bible Study online as we did over the summer. For those without computer access we will provide access here at the church so you can be a full participant. Please let us know if you would like to access the Bible study from the church’s computers or on your own device.

From the Canadian Foodgrains Bank:  The COVID-19 health crisis is creating a global hunger crisis. The World Food Programme warns we may see the worst humanitarian food crisis since the Second World War. Millions could face extreme forms of hunger—missing meals or selling livestock and tools to buy food. The need is so urgent that we have come to an emergency funding agreement with the Canadian government through Global Affairs Canada. This means your immediate gift will be matched three-to-one, and the CFGB is committing $3 million to efforts across Africa. With the matching funds available we need to raise over $700,000—funds that will come only from compassionate Canadians like you.

Your gift will be matched 3:1 to provide:

  • Supports for savings and loans groups so farmers can buy seeds and other inputs.
  • Agricultural support services to help farmers increase their harvest.
  • Assistance in getting farmers’ crops to market and food to their communities.

Donate today and help farming families in Africa feed their communities through the pandemic. The level of need is great, and we need your help.