Canadian Foodgrains Bank – Conservation Agriculture 2018

The raised bed vegetable garden at the corner of Plaunt and Quarry is a visual reminder that TSA supports the work of Canadian Foodgrains Bank to end world hunger.  At the June 3 family picnic kids and adults planted beets, beans, tomatoes, red cabbage and kale in our raised bed. We gathered around the garden as Russell offered a prayer of blessing. Thanks to the donors of varied plants and seeds, our TSA garden is well underway.
Many small-scale farmers in Africa struggle to grow enough food year-round for their families. Poor farming methods, erratic weather, erosion, drought and open grazing of livestock are some of the factors that limit agricultural production. Now entering year 4 of a 5-year commitment working with partners in the Wolayta district of Ethiopia, Canadian Foodgrains Bank member TearFund Canada is introducing and promoting conservation agriculture techniques to 8,500 farm households (about 42,500 people).
Conservation agriculture is a farming approach that uses minimal soil disturbance, crop rotations, cover crops and mulching to improve soil health and fertility and increase production. The training includes community meetings, famer field days and farmer field schools, and other educational activities. Savings and loans groups are also being introduced.
As you pass by the garden, please pray for farming families and their supporters as they strive for a future without hunger.
– Canadian Foodgrains Bank