Once More – the Affirming Process

Once more…


A few years ago we explored the possibility of becoming an Affirming Ministry. The vote was 77% in favour but we had set a threshold of 80% and so it did not come to pass. This year we have begun again the conversation. We hope that we are little older and wiser and that some of the misunderstandings of the past are behind us.

As we gear up for this discernment we are again hearing from those outside the church a sense of amazement that this could still be an issue. Those outside the church assume that everyone has come to the realization that there is no hierarchy of orientation. LGBTQ or straight is not relevant to determining one’s worth in life, one’s faithfulness, one’s spirituality. But within the church it does continue to be a contentious issue.

I confess that I am weary of some parts of the conversation. For example when people still want to debate what the bible says about sexuality I find myself tuning out. We have been through it so often. The bible is not a weapon to be selectively quoted but a dialogue with the saints past which helps us discern the spirit in the present.

Other parts of the conversation I relish. As I have written else where I have started to explore the issue of White Privilege and find the issues at stake there to be the same as those present in the Affirming dialogue. Much of this is about relinquishment, humility, and broadening perspectives. As a life long learner these are all important values to me.

To the best of my knowledge no business or organization in Renfrew has a rainbow sticker. No community organization in town explicitly welcomes the LGBTQ community or proclaim support or safe space. Hopefully TSA will be among the first.

Pray for us on the journey.