getting ready for Lent

A long standing way of interacting with scripture has been to ask yourself, “with which biblical character do I most identify”. It is a great way to engage the story and to learn a little about yourself.

This Lent the gospel focus in on John and each week we will encounter a different character from his gospel. The characters are fantastic and I suspect that you will be able to identify with at least one of them. This is who you will meet:

Nicodemus – a religious leader who is still searching. Nic is smart, articulate but confused. He knows Jesus is on to something but can’t give himself over to it completely yet.

The Woman at the Well – an outsider who doesn’t live up to community norms. She comes to the well when it should be deserted. She is bold, clever and able to exchange banter with Jesus. She is pleased to at long last be recognized for who it is she truly is.

The Blind Man – wrongfully judged a sinner because of his disability he has lived a hard life of begging. Healed by Jesus he finds the courage to speak the truth to Pharisees and the Christ.

Martha – sister of Mary and Lazarus, a woman who can take the initiative offering leadership.

Mary – sister of Martha and Lazarus, a caregiver; compassionate and even extravagant. She will put up endure criticism in order to honour those for whom she cares.

Lazarus – brother of Mary and Martha. He was dead, beyond all hope, lost to life and yet he returned. Have you ever given up completely just to be surprisingly restored?

This Lent may you discover something of yourself, something of others, something of God. May these stories help you in that discovery.