a faith formation resource for February

This is our church’s statement of purpose:

As a community of faith led by the Spirit
we welcome all to worship God
and live in loving, just and respectful relationship
with each other, our neighbours and the earth.
Inspired by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ
we strive to recognize the light of God
in each person regardless of age, race,
physical or mental ability, sexual orientation,
gender identification, economic status
or any other category by which the world may seek to divide.
We challenge ourselves to deepen our relationship to God,
to see the light of the divine in each person
and in all creation,
and to live the faith we proclaim in every aspect of our lives.

This month we will be holding our Annual General Meeting as a Congregation. While this is not a highlight of the church year compared to Easter or Christmas it is important. It is a chance to reflect on why we are the church. The bible often speaks of the church as a form of alternative community. We have different values than the world around us. In February we will hear most of the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew through which we will be told that we are, ‘a light to the world’, and ‘the salt of the earth’. We will be challenged to love our enemies since even non Christians love those who love them back. In short we will be invited to live by a higher standard than the world around us.

For discussion/sharing – how does being a part of a church make your life different?

Let us pray: God help us to see the light in ourselves and in each other and to let our light shine. Amen.