Goddess and God In the World – a top 10 book

Have I told you about the book I am reading? It is by Carol Christ and Judith Plaskow. They came to fame back in the 70’s when they co edited a feminist reader in theology. Carol is what you would call “post Christian” and Judith is Jewish and yet their writings touch me as a Christian profoundly. Their current book, “Goddess and God in the World – Conversations in Embodied Theology” is the best conversation about theology and personal faith journey I have ever read. I am very tempted to use it as the book for TSA’s Lenten Study this year.

They take turns offering chapters which take us from their childhood and how they become theologians all the way to their current faith involvement, understandings of the divine, and questions with which they wrestle. They even engage in debate with one another since they do not share the same understanding of God.

Here is one of the things I have learned from Carol and Judith already: Ambiguity in faith is a good thing. Questions and conflicting theologies keep us growing. Catechisms and creeds can stifle our creativity. Our relationship with the divine needs to be ever deepening.

If you come across a copy of this book, I highly recommend it. And again if you are part of TSA or live in or near Renfrew and would like to see it used in our Lenten Study, let me know.

The publisher is Fortress Press and it was published in 2016.