The Observer – our church’s voice and conscience

I know that only a few members of TSA actually receive the United Church Observer, our denomination’s monthly magazine. It is the oldest publication of its kind, now in its 187th year.

The September edition features a cover story on “Rainbow Muslims”, essentially the gay community of the Islamic faith is starting to establish mosques. This is great and I hope not as surprising to us as the Observer may have thought when they chose it as the cover story.

The real shocker in this edition is on page 18. It is called, “Waste Not” and it is about a growing movement called, ‘zero-wasters’. People in this movement have so minimized their garbage that a year’s worth fits into a mason jar. They take refillable containers to the store and they practice five ‘r’s’ instead of three (the first of which is refuse). I found the article inspiring and indicting. I had been proud to have our garbage down to one small bag per week.

By the way one of the things the article holds up as a way to reduce materials going to land fill is to have a church thrift shop. And yes reducing land fill is one of the stated goals for the TSA Thriftshop.

The Observer is fantastic year in and year out. There is always some article to make me rage or laugh. If you don’t have a copy our church library usually has three.