The New Domesticity

I learned a new phrase this week – ‘the new domesticity’. Do you know about this? It is being used to describe a movement back to honouring home economics; things like the canning of foods, cooking, gardening, furniture making. For a time we ignored these things, kitchens got smaller and smaller and people went out to eat. But now we are building big kitchens and inviting friends over to try new recipes. The HGTV network has become huge and consistently has top 10 shows. So what has spurred this movement?

Diana Butler Bass argues that it is part of an overall spiritual hunger in our society. When overwhelmed by bad news and horrific images we seek the goodness of home. I like that. There is a big movement to form house churches and I think that is tied in to this as well. People want small intimate gathering points where they feel safe and known. They want to sit in a circle to pray and talk about God instead of in rows listening to someone else talk about God. This is about relationally and simplicity as well. These are all hopeful signs.

The new domesticity – now I have an official phrase to describe my life.