The goodness of humanity in a storm.

On Tuesday Feb 16 we had a huge snow storm. Susan and I were coming back from Toronto in the midst of it and decided to call it quits at Kingston. We pulled off the highway and booked into a hotel. Then we decided to hike through the snow to a restaurant we could see in the distance. It was nothing fancy, a franchise, the sort you walk into and typically find bored staff less than eager to serve you. But on this day we were the only customers to have braved the elements and they were amazed that we had made it. Our relationship instantly shifted from customer/staff to delightful human encounter. Stories were shared of past storms, of everyone’s adventure getting to work. When we asked for cutlery to take back to the hotel they couldn’t do enough for us. They filled bags with supplies to see us through. It was delightful.

As a general rule I am a creature that thrives on routine and habit. But even I understand that routine tends to lead to plodding along through life with head down. It is good to step out of the routine (or in the case of a storm to be pushed out) and to look up and find the gift of humanity before you.

Hope you had a good storm day as well.