Renfrew Refugee Welcome Group

The Renfrew Refugee Welcome Group (RRWG) has had many ups and downs since our last post. In the summer of 2016, we learned that the family we were in the process of sponsoring had been offered immediate refuge in the US, thanks to a UN initiative. They of course took it; While this was disappointing for us, we are very glad they were able to begin their new life sooner rather than later, and we wish them all well.

Once again, we began the whole process of finding a suitable family and reapplying to sponsor them.  Unfortunately, the government’s special fast-track initiative for Syrian refugees has been terminated, and so we are in line with all the other private groups sponsoring refugees from all over the world.  We remain eager and committed, and the money is earning interest in the bank, but at this point we have been told not to expect the arrival of this family before May 2019. We are frustrated, but also conscious of how much worse this is for the family with 2 young children we are sponsoring. They are currently living in a refugee camp in Jordan, where they have been for several years.