Riverview Foodgrains

As caring and compassionate neighbours, we at TSA want our community to be a safe place where no one is left behind. We want all to have bright futures, and so we support various initiatives that help make this happen.

Communities in the developing world have much the same needs and goals as we do. But it can be much more difficult for them as they have fewer resources.

Jim Cornelius, Executive Director of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank writes, “It is God’s desire that no person should go hungry, and that those who have been excluded, marginalized, or displaced are invited to the banquet table.”

The programs of CFGB are designed to ensure that all people have access to the quality food and nutrition they need to lead active and healthy lives. In 2014, farmers and their community partners across Canada raised almost half of CFGB’s budget. Supplemented by funds from the federal government, CFGB and partners in over 40 countries continue to provide training and technical assistance for farmers who want to learn how to use conservation agriculture principles to increase the productivity of their small farms.

Many of us have seen photos humanizing the face of the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. The conflict in Syria has forced over 11 million people – equivalent to the population of western Canada – from their homes. CFGB members are providing emergency food aid in partnership with church agencies such as the United Church Mission and Service Fund.

In 2015, the wheat crop from the Riverview Foodgrains field on Castleford Road and donations from farmers, churches and businesses yielded a profit of $6,500 to help end world hunger. We appreciate the commitment of the TSA congregation to this endeavour.